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The typical African marketplace is a place where one will find a wide array of colors, shapes, products, sellers and buyers. As one takes a stroll through this place, one can but stare in amazement at the possilities presented. Clothes, shoes, artifacts, locally made food and drinks, etc. You are bound to find what you were looking for and much more…

Today, technology has eliminated the necessity for physical stores/locations in order for sales and purchases to take place. At the click of a button, various products are made available to individuals both near and far. Seeking to take full advantage of such advancements in technology, through the world of online shopping, Kade Avenue provides a platform that links African designers with both local and international clientele. Our ultimate goal is to be the household name for buying and selling African made goods online. Presenting: The African Marketplace.

For consumers, this is a one-stop-shop for all things African, created by Africans. From clothing, and accessories, to skin and hair care products, you are sure to find everything you are looking for. Patronizing products on our site not only leaves with what you want, but grants you the opportunity to support the talented African creatives listed here. Exploring the various virtual storefronts here, will expose you to a world of creativity and quality that makes Africa proud.

Kade Avenue offers the enterprising African designer many benefits. The cost involved in setting up and running both virtual and physical stores can be quite hefty. We provide designers with the benefits of easy setup and maintenance, minus the high cost involved in running an online store personally. Our online reach is guaranteed to give vendors a high level of exposure and competitive edge, in both local and foreign markets. Ultimately, we seek to create a niche for African design, with international standards of online buying and selling. In essence we are your number one African Marketplace!

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